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Business Schools and Second Life

I’ve been using Second Life for some months. Although I rarely have the time to spend there, some months are, in fact, an eternity in Second Life. I won’t dedicate this lines to praise Second Life, I swear, just to talk about something I have been missing.

I’ve heard about Business Schools approaching SL. Maybe the most famous case is INSEAD. They have stablished an online campus. You can see their press release here:

“INSEAD’s Second Life campus was designed to offer an innovative learning environment in which its participants from around the world can collaborate in real-time and learn from the diverse experiences of faculty and peers. The school plans to integrate Second Life into a range of programmes, including MBA, EMBA and Executive Education.”

And you can read more in this article from Businessweek.

Yes, I have been there. The campus is very nice, with a clean design and shaped following a giant womb. There are plenty of spaces, classrooms. A very cool place. INSEAD has made a good decision and a (sorry not giant) leap forward.
    SL, hype, disappointment, productivity…?

I was disappointed not to see more schools online. In fact I couldn’t find any apart from INSEAD.

But, what did I find in the site? Well, on a projector a slide show about “what is strategy” and another one with some ideas about SL. Apart from that it all was empty. There was nothing else to learn or to do in the virtual campus. I was alone. Nobody to talk to. Nothing to learn. No fun. So what? In a virtual world, the content has six letters: ACTION.

Business Schools need to do much better than this. (And most of them have not even tried). Still INSEAD deserves my “chapeau”, but don’t stop there.

I came through the New Media Campus project. A promising campus exploring about virtual learning. The link is worth following. It’s an international consortium, a non profit, with more than 250 members that are learning-focused organisations. (Only one European, and it’s not INSEAD)

    Europe wake up!!!

The nice thing about the NMC is that anyone can visit or join. And they have content: there are things happening there now. The clear path to follow.