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Hallowed are the American taxpayers…

Hallowed are the American taxpayers
as they are the ones that will pay this huge bill,

Hallowed is the American Treasury
as it will acquire junk assets in the name of the Americans,

Hallowed are the international creditors
cos they will get increased risk premiums from a riskier debt,

Hallowed are the Feds
pushing forward a plan they don’t know if will suffice,

Hallowed is the growing debt
it will at least double in the forthcoming years,

Hallowed is the forgotten Laffer Curve
now supposed to work better if turned downwards,

Hallowed is the non-interventionist state
that implements socialist ideas in times of distress,

Hallowed are the big investment banks
allowed to merge to hide their shortcomings and ignominies,

Hallowed are the plunging assets
as they will be allowed to survive with their old values in the balance sheets,

Hallowed are the short sellers
sinners never repented from what they did in 1929,
no longer allowed to arbitrate or cover risks,

Hallowed are the politics
for they will still adore the  taxes,

Hallowed are we all
for we will long feel the ripple effect of short-sighted politicians and unelected officials.

Sorry for the mental rambling, forgive me my rantings, but it’s been a hell of a week… time to change the subject though…


One thought on “Hallowed are the American taxpayers…

  1. johnymepeino says:

    Ánimo Gabri, no eres el único que vé así las cosas. Y por supuesto, aún en la distancia, sepas que no estarás nunca sólo 😉

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