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After the final exam (aka after the storm)

The exam was really stressful. More than three hours writing like crazy. At the end I was rather confused, not really sure of what to expect. Fortunately, it was over.

I sat the exam at Barcelona’s British Council. I thought it would be a better experience than taking a plane and driving to Henley. It was a good idea. The place is just ten minutes from home.

On the other hand it was rather weird to be the only one taking the exam. The invigilator was there only for me. At least he was nice and had a thick book to read so he didn’t spend three hours glancing at me in suspicion. That would have been awkward.

Half full or half empty, who knows. I hope I pass. In the meantime I just need some time to relax. And that’s what I did on the weekend. The garden needed my attention so I just focused on trimming the bushes and getting tired. Oh my, my arms got so bruised!

The view from home is rather relaxing. The weather wasn’t perfect. It was the fourth rainy weekend after the most severe draught that I can recall. From scarcity to the most rainy May in 25 years. Our water reserves have tripled and reservoirs have reached 60% capacity. It looks like we’ll have enough water for the time being.

I like it when the beach is almost empty, and the showers scare the tourists. The calm seems to envelope everything, the air is fresher, the plants greener. This spring the plants are blooming like never before. Let’s forget about the price of oil, the high interest rates, the lack of liquidity and the forthcoming stagflation. It’s time to enjoy… at least for a while…

The garden this year is full of Mediterranean roses. The plants grow by the hour. A good omen? I hope so.


4 thoughts on “After the final exam (aka after the storm)

  1. Don’t blame about the weather. It’s very likely that you’ll enjoy the beach and the garden during the forthcoming (and sunny) weekends 🙂

  2. Matt Baker says:


    It was just as stressful in Henley, though loads of us took the exam down the road in Henley, and then went to the Angel to unwind and discuss how badly we did on various questions.

    Still, didn’t find it too hard except for the fact that I get breaking my pens, and whoever marks mine will need a degree in handwriting.


  3. You know, it’s different for you. I have to add the use of English, which lags me a bit, and the use of a different set of assumptions which makes it more difficult for me. Still I hope… 🙂

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