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100th post (and I’m still here)

I began one year ago. Now, 100 posts, 15,367 page views and 203 comments later I’m still here. The Rubicon I have crossed is that fine line that separates short term from long term, try from perseverance, taster from fullness and explorer from infestation.

When I look at the map below, with dots identifying the recent visits, I am amazed about how so many people from so many different places have reached this page. This beacon has been detected, and many concealed thoughts are now out in the open air. Very positive feedback but also indifference, flames and even insults. An invisible network of visits that spread (and spree) all over the world. Truly amazing.


I know that my posts are usually much longer, but this one won’t. We are at the point in history where there are 100 million bloggers and 200 million ex-bloggers. The analysts say we are reaching the peak. Well, I’m not giving up. Not yet! I still have so much to learn and to reflect about…

Thank-you 🙂


4 thoughts on “100th post (and I’m still here)

  1. Gabriel,

    Congratulations for the first 100 post. Because another 1,000 are still to come, aren’t they? At least of course.

    I must admit that I feel guilty myself for not being an active reader at this fantastic blog… but honestly, you I am not able to cope with your posting frecuency.

    But, in any case, please do continue reflecting and sharing!

    Best regards,

    Best regards,

  2. First of all congratulations for this work. The values of your post’s undubtly influence behaviors to learn and motivation to write. Dispositions are guided by beliefs and attitudes, that’s what counts.

  3. These are my friends.
    See how they glisten.
    See this one shine…
    How he smiles in the light.
    My friend.
    My faithful friend…

    These words are Sweeney Todd’s. It’s not that I’m confusing you with his harmful friends, is that I also see silver in your comments 🙂

    Thanks a lot

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