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Swim or sink (self-development)

No one can develop you. That’s something you need to do for yourself. That’s why it saddens me a lot when I see young people driving themselves to waste. Yes, I’ve been seeing that lately.

When someone is just starting, little experienced, it’s critical for him to make that additional effort, that extra step. And it’s too easy to be too proud of yourself when you hold your brand new engineering degree. Sadly, that leads nowhere. You still have not achieved anything. You’re only in your first challenge.

And with every challenge you’re offered two distinct options: confronting or denying. It’s also too easy to deny, to blame others, see other people as opponents or enemies. It’s much more difficult to see the need to tackle the challenge, the discomfort of the lack of knowledge and ability, the need to grow.

But again, nobody will be developing you. You’ll add up all the knowledge you’ll be given, if any, as well as what you can observe through your biased lenses, and then you’ll have to start doing something. That something is not that is really well known, after all you’re still in need of learning, you’ll have to start from scratch, try to order your ideas, face reality, reflect, learn, evolve. Those last words still seem too far…

I’m writing this because we are kicking somebody out of the team today. Overcoming your own resistance and incompetence is something that only you can do, nobody will do it for you. Some people will try to shield you from that but, in the end, they are not making you any favour. Reality is stubborn and, the more we try to fight it, the more it fights back.


After all, changes make you grow. Lucky you if you can change by yourself and thus lead your own personal development process. Others do not have that possibility. And while their minds are closed they can face change but still not learn anything. They will still blame me, you or anyone else except for themselves. Shame on them.


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