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When a MBA in a top-tier school is utterly useless…

Fortunately I’m not talking about mine (or at least that’s what I hope)

I recently had the chance to attend a speech from a MBA (earned in a top-tier school, if you want to know) and I reassured my assumption that those three letters in your curricula don’t guarantee anything. As Mintzberg said, there’s much more to managing than getting analytical abilities, and, as somebody also said, a butcher will always be a butcher, even if you give him a scalpel.

There’s another idea that I like a lot: the “kiss up and kick down”concept. Of course I’m not recommending its practice but just pointing a finger to a way of behaviour that many people knowingly exercise.

Why is it so difficult to appreciate principles? Isn’t it strange that so many people just don’t care about anything but their goals even putting them in front of family, friendships, humanity or whatever comes into play? I couldn’t live that way.

Even when times are harsh, when you have to make difficult choices, you can’t let go off your principles. What’s right or wrong will still be right or wrong. Brilliant people can become bloody sharks if they don’t learn to tame themselves. If you fall for the hunting game you’ll end up seeing others as prey, worthless prey.

a monkey after all

This week I was thinking and reflecting about personal development… why is that I end up seeing so many people, bright people, that I don’t want to be like?


3 thoughts on “When a MBA in a top-tier school is utterly useless…

  1. barunmoitra says:

    Brilliantly written. The first term at my school is over and now I am contemplating what I have gained by pursuing the three letter acronym – MBA. I do agree that I was introduced to many new business concepts and jargons. Definitely I agree that there will instances in my career when I will be using the business models, but what I have failed to understand is what would I use under pressuring and trying situation – commonsense or business models. After all the monkey model seems right.. I might just end of being what I am after the completion of my MBA program.

  2. MBAs were overemphasized in the end of the 80s and throughout the 90s. Probably what we’re experiencing these years is the reaction against that trend, and maybe we’re right now overscrutinizing MBAs. So I expect newest MBA graduates will be more likely to be successful in the business environment than, say, MBA graduates from the mid-nineties.

  3. Interesting views. Fortunately David has provided us with a way out of the dilemma. I think that an MBA is just like any modern weapon: it’s the soldier who wields it that can make the difference!

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