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Holidays coming to a close (back from UK)

It seems that all good things in life tend to an end. So do holidays. The end of another cycle. Beginning anew.

But life goes on. And so do we. I had a nice workshop at Henley. Time to close the Dynamics of Management module. Yes, I managed to send my assignment on time. And I hope I managed to close that module too. Soon I’ll know.

But if there’s one sight I will remember from this summer in UK it’s this one:

Stonehenge. Proud, defiant. Standing through the ages. Surviving not only its creators but their memories. Nobody knows what it was built for. Probably just a display of power. But, if that was its intent, why do stones align with the sun at certain dates? Why can you follow the months through the shadows of the stones? Why there are so many questions?

One thing is for sure. As you approach Stonehenge you (I) can feel the energy there, not only in the monument, but in the whole valley. Something is going on there.

Coming back is no big deal when weather is good. It hasn’t been very good for the last few days but it is now. This afternoon is great to spend it at the beach, or maybe cycling. I still have to decide.

Meanwhile in the MBA two more modules ignite. They are called Managing People and Performance and Managing Processes, Systems and Projects. Lots of things to read, to work, to digest.

I’ll keep you posted. Welcome all.


4 thoughts on “Holidays coming to a close (back from UK)

  1. Welcome back Gabriel. Glad to hear from you again!

    You should be more optimistic about the end of holidays 😉 I think it is the perfect time to readjust your goals and to think about a few “new academic year” resolutions. Holidays give us enough energy to succed these new challenges.

    I agree with you that Stonehenge is probably one of the sites you remember from England and that everybody that visits the island should go.

  2. barun moitra says:

    Great to see you back Gabriel. Glad to know you had a good break. We missed your blogs. But I must admit that the best part of your blog is not only the wealth of information it carries but also the way it is presented. Each one of your blog has some reference or idea or a theory which lingers in the readers mind for a long time. Great blogging

  3. Thanks both for the welcome 🙂 I did my best in trying to grasp some of that energy… I hope it helps me with the huge amount of work I have to cope with in the forthcoming year.

    Best regards to all

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