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Still here (from intrinsic to extrinsic motivation)

Almost done with reading and working the Dynamics of Management module. But that almost is hardly reached because I can’t help diverging. I see references of Albert Carr and his essay on business bluffing and I end up finding the article, the reviews of the article, the subsequent indignation and Carr’s response in Harvard Business Review some years later. And from that to the business ethics applied to leveraged management buyouts. Absorbing and stimulating. And I wish I could blog about that. Now I have dozens of ideas for blogging… and I don’t have the time for it.

But I guess there’s no need to blog, or to diverge more. I know I shouldn’t be there. I should have been on holiday these days with lots of things to read, and writing and reflecting, with no hurry at all. But reality is stubborn enough to still have me here working. Last minute complications we could say. At least today will be the last day. I’m going to pack everything tonight and finally move out of the city. And I’ll be able to have some ¿free? days.

I realise that’s the point where I move from intrinsic motivation to a purely extrinsic one. No more diverging. From any moment on I’ll have to focus solely on my assignement, and try to finish it on time. I’m sorry for that. I’ve left so many ideas worth reflecting behind… so many interesting books, articles, thoughts.

They say in Spanish “lo perfecto es enemigo de lo bueno” which means something like “perfect and good are enemies”.

On the other hand that was one of the tricks of the mind that one of the lectures -I can’t recall which- warned us about: settling for an average result while you can do much better.

Knowing that’s what I have to do, at least I’m going to complain about it. After all that’s one of the things that a blog is for: I regret I don’t have more time, much more time to reflect. I can complain for not having more time to blog, and at the same time that’s the perfect excuse for not doing so.

Oh, how I miss my time and the previous far distance I enjoyed to my deadlines 🙂


That’s quite close to home, between Cala Canyelles and Cala Morisca. I’ll make the time, somehow, for that too.


3 thoughts on “Still here (from intrinsic to extrinsic motivation)

  1. “Lo mejor es enemigo de lo bueno” usually translates as “the best is the enemy of the good”. It serves as a reminder to perfectionists that sometimes “good enough” is indeed good enough.

    Try and enjoy your holiday, ok?

  2. The best thing we can do these days is freeze the blog for a while. We’ll have months in the forthcoming months to add random thoughts. So, enjoy your holidays and relax yourself as much as you can 😉

    By the way, the stretch of coast between Lloret and Tossa is one of the most beautiful ones at Costa Brava, but surprisingly one of the least known, despite of the fact that is close to big cities. I went there a couple of times to dive and I got very impressed.

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