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Diverging (while trying to converge)

Those who are used to reading me have noticed I’ve been away from blogging these days. It’s no coincidence. I’ve been trying to follow two different paths that are just like two parallel lines that never cross: finishing my Dynamics of Management module on time (and the assignement I’m supposed to do) and following the trail to every interesting idea I could sense.

The first was hard enough, but the latter has been just crazy. I’ve wandered through tons of different pages in EBSCO and ProQuest, reading more and more. Found so many ideas worth reflecting! Many worth sharing here! I will, eventually.

But I can’t now. I have so many things to reflect about that I should stop for a while, rest back, relax, contemplate, interiorise, challenge. I know I need it.

I can’t stop either.

That’s why I almost don’t have time for my blog. The hours spent blogging have been, and will be dramatically reduced until mid-august. That’s after my next stay at Henley for the completion of the module.

Then I expect to be generous with my blog again.

Probably I wouldn’t need to read and try to comprehend everything for the assignement, but that’s the way I want to do it: learning comes first.

In the meantime I downloaded everything into my laptop and left for the beach. Fortunately I have some days off and I’ll be able to catch up with my fellow students. Here I have no Internet and no timetable, no public transport systems, no rush, no boss, no airport… only great views and many leaves in the garden.

Me, myself, the trees, two dogs and tons of thinks to read.

Click to see where this is (Google Maps)

Don’t get me wrong. I love every minute of it. I only wish I had more time to digest. You know what I wrote about learning at a hectic pace in my last post.

(I wonder if by inviting my tutors and my teachers here I’d get more time 😉

I’ll keep you posted.


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