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Management: challenging your own assumptions

Today I’ve been working through dynamics of management. There was an important part about the importance for organisations of challenging their own values, their own well established assumptions.

This is something I’ve seen many times in many organisations. They learn from the past, and their past configure their corporate culture and values, but they somehow think that those are enough to lead them into the future.



And this is not to diminish the value of what they have achieved. It’s like the picture I’ve chosen. This organisation has already gone half-way into the Golden Gate bridge. Could they drive the rest of the bridge only with the rear view mirror?

The answer is yes. But only because the Golden Gate is just an straight line. And you can trust that the future will be identical to the past. So you can even avoid looking forward.

But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that is not the best possible strategy. And in turbulent times in which changes happen almost everyday, looking backwards is just useless. We need to learn from the past, but not to be constrained by it.

Last but not least I’d like to include some words from Harvey Maylor, from a good book he authored on project management.

These are about project management rejection attitudes. What do you think? Sound familiar?

  • Ready, shoot, aim!
  • Everything is already planned in my head!
  • We work at a hectic pace, there is no time for planning
  • Project Management? This is just common sense!!
  • We tried before and did not work
  • This will never work here!!

4 thoughts on “Management: challenging your own assumptions

  1. Thanx for the wishes..

    True..Everyone looks at Project Management as a simpler task. But..I have observed that atleast in many of the software projects there will be atleast some delay and the reason for delay varies from poor planning to un foreseen obstacles and we can avaoid them with a little foresight..

  2. You’re right. I’ve come to think that delays are inborn elements in everyproject. In fact they are one of the reasons why you should plan, know your critical path and manage it the best possible way.
    Best regards 🙂

  3. With the so-called “flat world” that we think we have ….(aka globalization)…the delays are becoming worse. No proper coordination n stuff will only make a project duration longer.

    I guess as time goes by…people need to start learning from mistakes and realign themselves (and their companies) towards the right direction…….using whatever that have been passed down to them…and not becoming constrained by them (like you said).

  4. I agree completely. In this flatter-than-ever world we still have a lot of things to improve. And those who are able to do it better will be those to survive and grow.

    I love the concept of a flat world. In fact I was impressed by the book and everything it meant. But sometimes it just comes back to basics: a person that is not able to learn from mistakes will keep doing them again and again. And to learn you must free your mind from constraints, be humble, be open to new ideas, sometimes even forget things that you know.

    We are in that process, right?

    Best regards 🙂


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