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Self reflections at Henley (learning again)

Today’s blog won’t have any nice pictures, which is a pity because the views here at Henley Management School are impressive. I guess I’m not used to seeing landscapes like these, so many greens for somebody like me that comes from a country with water scarcity. Next time I promise to take my camera with me and share all these views with you.

But if you thought that a management school like Henley is about nice buildings, nice views and nicely dressed people, you’d be wrong. There’s much more going on here than what meets the eye. I’m still on my first workshop, and I still have to reflect about it, but there are some things that I’m beginning to understand, that I’m beginning to feel.

The program leader Chris (find his blog here) and my tutor Mike have been doing their bests to get a bunch of managers and MBA wannabes out of their comfort zone. I’ll tell you more about them soon, but, for the moment, it’s enough to say that, at least with me, they have succeeded. 

I have understood one important thing: self change is necessary. If it wasn’t, what would we be here for? And in order to change you need self awareness. You need to be able to see yourself from a distant point of view, to seek that humility that you’ve probably lost on your way, to see your most feeble points -those you’ve made your best to forget-, relearn to listen to others -when did I stop doing that?-, remind yourself that you don’t own the truth, take a deep long breath and open your mind again.

Because everybody agrees that change is necessary, but it’s not that easy when change means changing yourself.

I know I need to pull back, to think diversely, to challenge my assumptions -and believe me, after an engineering, a business degree and a bachelor my mindset is  still constrained- and start the learning process again.

But not only me. And not only on my own.

One of the first things I came to realise is that I wasn’t alone. Yes, my fellow students. There’s the full intake or cohort, intake 35, and there are learning teams too.  And everyone is so different. That is very interesting and challenging at the same time.

I feel I need to do many things, that I need to think a lot again, that I want to do it, that it might be difficult. I feel that doing this in English will be tough, I feel somehow disadvantadged not being English one of my first languages. And I feel other things that I just can’t describe now, some fuzzy thoughts related to uncertainty, risk and, as Chris said, possibly ambition too.

But, what is a quest for knowledge if it doesn’t make you feel anything? What’s the inner value of adding three magical letters to your curricula? Don’t miss it, an MBA it’s about personal growth and development. That’s one of the things that I’ve been reminded of today.

And I am happy and excited to be in this journey. Ain’t it grand? 🙂


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