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The 10 biggest tech companies

Which are the biggest tech companies? With that much hype, sometimes it’s hard to know. But there are ways to guess a list. I’ve decided to build one myself. Couldn’t be otherwise, I just let the market decide. I chose NASDAQ, and today for market capitalisation. I’ve linked all names with their websites. That’s the list. Some of the names might come as a surprise.

That’s what investors say they are worth:

    NASDAQ 100
# Company Value B$
1 Microsoft CP 291,6 B$
2 Cisco 154,94 B$
3 Intel CP 128,75 B$
4 Google 111,92 B$
5 Oracle Corp 98,91 B$
6 Apple Inc 98,28 B$
7 Qualcomm Inc 72,25 B$
8 Amgen Inc 63,26 B$
9 Dell Inc 59,04 B$
10 Comcast CP 56,35 B$
11 Ebay Inc 44,53 B$
12 Yahoo! 38,41 B$
13 Gilead Sciences 34,08 B$
14    Teva Pharm Industries    31,92 B$



5 thoughts on “The 10 biggest tech companies

  1. Surprisingly, there are few companies which I’ve never heard of (from the perspective of a Malaysian) – Qualcomm, Amgen, Gilead, Teva.
    Not surprised to see Microsoft on the top…jz a little surprised to see Cisco in the 2nd place and not Oracle.

  2. Yes, it’s interesting to know that Microsoft is more than twice Intel in market cap.
    But remember that those caps are from NASDAQ while IBM is listed in NYSE. His market cap is $157.05B. That would put IBM #2 and very close to Cisco.
    As a source you could just follow those links: Microsoft, Intel & IBM.
    Best regards

  3. Thank you for the kind explanation and the links. I am really surprised that Google’s market cap is now 110.xx bill, where as during their IPO, they raised 130 bill +. It was poised to be the strongest tech. company in terms of cap and profit. We will wait and see.

    Anyways, good site. Excellent writeups. All the best.
    – Anon

  4. You’re welcome Anon, and remember, there’s an empty spot on the blogosphere for you too 🙂 and you can still keep being anon if you wish.

    I’ve always believed that sharing ideas enriches us all.

    take care

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