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My MBA on track: June’07 intake!

Yes, I’ve just been offered a place on the June’07 intake for the Henley Management College MBA. I have to admit I am so happy (as though it was something sinful to be happy, do I have a puritanist streak to keep me from feeling happy?). I’ve sought this chance for long, and now it’s finally coming into shape.

June will be the month then. There were more intakes in September and February, but I wanted this one. I also expect to finish my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management in June. That means that I won’t have any rest in betweeen the Bachelor and the MBA, but I didn’t want it either.

There’s an initial workshop for the MBA from June 15th to June 17th. I’ve already booked the plane to London. I am excited about it. I’ve been to Henley before because I’ve got a friend living close to Henley. Henley is a small and nice town, well taken care off by the Thames, with nice and voratious swans that want to share your breakfast, but I’ve never visited the College.


I will be able to see my future colleagues. See what kind of people they are, what they do, what they do expect from the MBA. In some things I will be in disadvantage because of not being native English-speaking. I’ll have to work my English more than others. And probably my two degrees will help me compensate in other areas. (At least I hope so)

I was supposed to sit an exam that weekend, on the 16th. Then two more on the 26th and four more on the 30th. At the University where I study we are given three dates to choose from but there was no way to find any combination for my exams to take place in only two dates. There were always two subjects overlapping.

So now I have a problem with the exam on the 16th. I’ve already contacted my tutor about this problem and I think the University will arrange for a solution. In the worst case scenario I’d be willing to sit two exams at the same time (that means half the time and a lower mark) but only if they are optative subjects. (In fact I enrolled one additional subject to the number I needed to get my Bachelor, but I wouldn’t like to have to disenroll it now).

Just wanted to share this moment… I’ll keep you posted 😉


2 thoughts on “My MBA on track: June’07 intake!

  1. 😀 Henley… get ready! Gabriel is coming!
    Sincerely I wish you a lot of luck. The language “add-on” is an incentive: you’ll learn twice while you perfect your english. What a gangue! But that overlapping sounds horrible. Stressing.
    Please, display my respect to the queen and… don’t forget the bowler hat and the umbrella!

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