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Why an MBA? Why me?

I have made the decision to pursue an Executive MBA. In fact I’m at this moment applying for one. I began from a huge list and applied different criterions so I narrowed the schools and programs to just one. It was a close call, but I finally know the one I want. I already have my referees’ letters, my updated resume, my copy of my academic qualifications, the IELTS test results and I’ve also filled in the necessary forms. Only one thing missing: now I must write why I want it. Literally the question states: “In support of your application please explain how you believe you will benefit from the programme and state your career objectives by giving a frank impression of your strengths and weaknesses.” Easy, isn’t it?

Well, not easy at all. This post is only intended to help me think.

First the negative approach: I am not aplying because of the “admission ticket” reasoning. Let me explain better: there are certain places, certain companies or posts that you can’t even dream of applying to if you don’t have an MBA. So an MBA would mean a welcome-to-the-club ticket. Well, I can’t say I don’t like the idea of having that kind of ticket. I do. But that’s not the point. I know myself better…

I want a change in my career: towards management. It’s not a radical change, cos that’s what I’ve been doing for the last decade, sometimes even unknowingly, I’ve been a manager.

While I was updating my resume I was reviewing the huge number of projects I’ve participated during Barcelona’s airport enlargement. (Yes, that’s what I’m doing now, to know more just click the link “About Gabriel”) I added more than 100 different projects. Fortunately for my resume readers I summarized them into less than a third. I began being an engineer, with a technical perspective, but, through the years, I’ve acquired a preference for management. I’ve managed projects of all sorts. And now I’ve taken the decission to manage my career towards a more management focused one. I want to study the foundations of what I’ve been doing and have the academic support for higher roles. I want to be able to see things from a new perspective, confront opinions about management, be able to improve my views, aptitudes and abilities. In short, become a better manager.

That’s how the program will benefit me. It will offer me new career opportunities and the chance of increased responsibilities, reaching a higher potential. And the first oportunity is a learning opportunity. All my life I’ve been learning, and I still want to learn more. I’ve got a thirst for learning. I enjoy it, I need it, I love the feeling when my brain adapts to new structures and is able to thing wider and reach further. I love when I’m able to see things from diverse an different points of view.

That happened to me when I began studying economics. I loved it. I had liked engineering, it had been a very interesting journey. But not that good. Maybe because I was older, maybe even wiser, or maybe because I was learning something that I was already aplying in my everyday life, so that extra knowledge sorted my ideas, made me rethink, showed me the fundamentals of what was becoming common -or not so common- knowledge. At economics i got honours in about a dozen subjects and my average mark was an A, while previously my average mark was a B at engineering.

I know that MBA will help me to pursue a career I am passionate about. And something I think I am good with 🙂 It will help me move further into management and the business field.

And I hope that the MBA will help me get the knowledge into action. I don’t expect it to stop at analysis, into a very interesting set of tools, similar to those I’ve got from studying my bachelor in business administration and management. I want to know more about putting them to work.

One last thing. I’ve always studied in Spain, and I guess that means having some sort of perspective over the world. That’s why my ideal school is outside of Spain, even having good schools nearby. I’ve decided I want a different view, a different approach. And UK is a country that I’ve always admired and identified with. From the english culture to their profound mark in history, so many things have happened in there or related to that set of islands and their inhabitants, and so many ideas have been born there -and not only born, but born free to be expressed. That’s why I lean towards a British school. More points of view.


Why management education? The question asked about strengths and weaknesses. A good management education should impact on them.

I feel the need to upgrade my skills and qualifications, to further develop my abilities to adress and solve problems, not only on my own but in a team. So I can develop my abilities to communicate and interact with others in a more effective way. To be more adaptable to different situations, more flexible and with a more developed strategic view on organisations management. That set of abilities will help me to be able to be more versatile and productive and to have a broader view of organisations, projects and situations. That means understanding business better and using my personal resources contributing more effectively to my organisation and to society.

Hmmm, that’s what I think, now I’ll try to further order it and summarise the key points to fill in the space I have 🙂


3 thoughts on “Why an MBA? Why me?

  1. [Noi, sense cap dubte això és la resposta a la cridada de l’antic esperit fenici 😛 ]

    Congrats, Gabriel! A lot of nice points floatin’ around! Why not US instead UK? (he,he, not only a letter is the difference: I prefer american english). I have no idea about but what do you think about Deusto?
    Anyway it’s a great thing: any decision will be the good one.
    Dude, we have the same enormous “pathos” toward Economics, but yours is positive. I hate it (I’ll comment you about).
    One saludo and salut!

  2. Well, you know, I intend to go on working in the meantime, so UK is much closer and easier for me.US is a great place to study too, but my pragmatism makes me stay a bit closer (only one hour and a half, and one hundred euros from Barcelona to Heathrow)

    You’re right that my pathos towards economics is positive, and very 🙂 I just can’t help it (you’ll have to tell me about yours)

    Best regards 🙂 gabriel

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