Today I woke up thinking of credibility. What is it? An invaluable intangible asset. But, why some people do have it and some don’t? Where did they get it? How to keep it?

Credibility describes a quality, the quality of being trustworthy, believable. So it mixes a capability: the object of credibility must be credible, believable, the inexistence of an element that forbids being eligible for credible, related to integrity, with an earned status: worthy of trust, related to reliability from previous experiences, possibly to rigor and coherence in previous behaviours.

So it’s not only like honesty, that you have to be and you have to seem. Being credible means a proactive approach.

Credibility is usually key to success. Take for example the “cold war”. Could have it existed without credibility? Could the world “deterrence” have any meaning without a credible adversary?

This reminds me to the “theory of expectations” (well, I just call it that way, there is no such theory). This theory is essential when serving a customer. In my case, and in my experience in managing projects, the client that you are managing the project for.

The theory of expectations says that the benefit perceived by the customer on completion of a project will be the results achieved after substracting the former expectatives you generated when it began.

So, you just have to be cautious. No false promises, no inflated expectations. People will judge your excess of expectations, and condemn you by your failure to accomplish them. That means that you can improve the perception of your result by just moderating previous expectations. Think about it.

And this path leads us to another definition of credibility: DWYSYWD.

Yes, you guessed right, that means Do What You Say You Will Do. Just be DWYSYWD and you’ll have credibility.


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