About Gabriel

I live in Barcelona, Spain. I am a Communications Engineer I hold a Diploma in Business Science.

Currently I work in the Plan Barcelona Project that expands Barcelona’s Airport, building a new terminal, a new runway and increases the capacity of the existing terminals. All this is supported by new infrastructures, like baggage transportation systems, planes servicing systems, four new power plants, beacon systems, building control systems, underground galleries, industrial and commercial zones and all the control systems, information systems and communications systems needed to provide a new way to manage the Airport. My work is centered in coordinating and managing, specially in the IT and Security areas, creating, executing and supporting all the projects in a complex organisation.

I’ve got a strong interest in managing, business models, costs and microeconomy. Currently I am pursuing a Graduate in Company Administration and Management. Although my work is very interesting and different each day, specially as the date of completion gets closer, I want to be prepared for future endeavours.

cafelondon.jpgDo never stop learning. But it’s not all about work. I love science fiction, riding my bicycle, reading, travelling (I love London by the way), body combat (just ask), musical theatre and so many different things.

Nice to meet you 🙂


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