Welcome, and first decision to make :)

I’ve had other blogs in the past, but I just felt I should start anew. Being trilingual means that you have to make a choice, a difficult choice. What would life be if there were no choices?

In my case Catalan, Spanish or English. I chose the latter, although I’ll be writing in Spanish or Catalan once in a while. Let’s see what happens.

ct_territori2.jpgMaybe you wonder about Catalan. I was born in Catalonia which is a 1000 year old nation with seven million people. Catalonia now is part of what today is the Kingdom of Spain. And yes, Catalan and Spanish are both my first languages, so I was born bilingual.

English is my third language by choice. I just love it. That’s why I strive to make my english skills better, and it’s part of the reason I choose to write my new log in English.

At the moment I’m also learning French. I can’t say I already speak it well though.

I previously had a photolog, and it turned out to be a photo album. As long as the pictures were cool, text didn’t matter anymore. This new blog won’t be a collection of pictures, this time it will be deeper… or so I hope.

Like I’ve just said, welcome 🙂


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